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Petroleum Services

Petroleum Business Division of United Southern Company for the purpose of supplying fuel for freight traffic roads and waterways.

        Ho Chi Minh City headquarters facilitate the supply of fuel for ships and port facilities on the motor. Division is responsible for business operations providing services to all vehicle fuel, and foreign partners in the company when required, ensuring compliance with the laws of the State, ensuring safe operation effective steps. Item's primary business segment is the oil refinery products such as automotive gasoline, diesel, lubricants of all kinds ... Petroleum is the strength of the U.S. Southern Company
        Petrol is a commodity essential supplies and strategic for the development of the country. The catch is this right from the early days of U.S. Southern Company has been actively working with investment partners to build infrastructure, fuel tank systems, technical means of mechanization. Recognizing the importance of fire prevention, the company has invested in the equipment department supplies modern fire protection.Along with that is participating in workshops on fire in order to improve the sense of responsibility in the work is also important.

        Though a fledgling division of the company but due to instill business philosophy of the company with the initial determination has built trust, credibility with the majority of customers and consumers. Department stands ready to work with customers and business partners with a commitment to best quality, fully meet the type and quantity required.       
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